Why the f**k would you go anywhere else?

Roaming fees, contracts and annual price rises got you feeling like you're untangling Christmas lights blindfolded? Yeah, we get it. So we've made it simpler, cheaper and much more fun to connect.


Fueled by the best (left on read by the rest 😢)


Best in class features that don't break the bank *shock*

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    Experience lightning-fast connectivity and next-generation mobile technology with 5G.

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    Simplify your mobile experience with eSIM technology, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards.

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    Roaming Included

    Stay connected wherever you go with inclusive roaming services, ensuring seamless communication abroad.

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    It's Free!

    Enjoy the benefits at no additional cost, making it easy to stay connected without worrying about extra charges.

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Don't be shy. Come join us!

Join the thousands of others who have already embraced the future with Seeek. Sign up now and unlock the power of our free 5G network, redefining the way you connect, communicate, and experience the world.

With Seeek, the possibilities are endless. Explore new horizons in virtual reality, collaborate effortlessly with colleagues through video conferencing, or stay entertained during your commute with uninterrupted music and video streaming. Our cutting-edge 5G technology delivers blazing-fast speeds and low latency, providing you with a seamless online experience wherever you go.


Your grandma has snacks. We have free data.

Enjoy unrestricted data access with our complimentary 5G network, ensuring seamless connectivity for all your needs. All for free.

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    AI Network Switching
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    Best European Coverage
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    Can't Be Beaten On Price

We're just getting started

We are a brand new, self funded startup and our growth over the last 3 months has been exceptional. Why not join us?

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Pricing for everyone

  • Nada

    One eSIM


    Enjoy 3GB of FREE 5G data in your home region. No BS.

    Choose the plan
  • Familia

    Four eSIMs

    $35/Per month

    This plan is packed full of child safety features and a 20GB data pool.

    Coming Soon
  • Passport

    One Unlimited SIM

    $100/Per month

    Ideal for travellers, frequent flyers and heavy data using individuals.

    Coming Soon

Want to know more?

We are on a mission to provide free, global internet access to everyone.

Ask your question
  • Is it really free?


    YES. Nada is 100% free to join and leave. You can opt to pay to skip the wait list, but other than that Nada will never cost you money.

  • How do you earn money?


    We send 1-3 sponsored SMS messages to you a day. We never use your email or phone number you use to sign up with.

  • Is this a scam?


    NO! We appreciate when things are too good to be true, they usually are! We are really trying to build something great here and don't forget, it's 100% free! So why not jump onboard?

Positive feedback from our users


“I immedietly signed myself up for the esim and just got it a few days ago. It works perfectly fine for me with a 5G Internet speed in the o2 network. I also had a few encouters with the customer support. They answered me within minutes in the chat every time. Connor, the founder of seeek was very polite to me and was both very patient and very transparent with me. I am very satisfied with seeek so far and I am also looking forward to what the future will bring :)”

Anna CA

"I have used the free Seeek Nada Sim for over a month now. It works great in the Netherlands and in Germany as it uses multiple networks. So always the best coverage! This weekend the Nada Sim suddenly stopped working due to a technical error but a customer service representative was able to fix it fast, even on a Sunday! I haven't received any ads yet but I understand that this is the underlying business model so no complaints if they come."

Aart-Jan Van Amerongen NL

"Signed up to a Nada data sim to test it out and use it in addition to my current plan which sometimes struggles with data/signal. Great customer service, answered and resolved my query within seconds. Super easy sign up process, and easy to set up on phone. Data speeds and signal are great! Would love to see this company do well and stick around."

Vishal Gopal GB